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Hotvac Testimonials

"The Hotvac is brilliant - we don’t have boats hanging around anymore, cash flow is the best it has ever been and our customers know that they have had the best job done.
Our customers pay a little more for the HotVac service but are happy to have their boats back in the water instead of being left on the hard stand."

Allan Mitchell, Cambrian Marine, Penarth, Cardiff, UK

"We initially bought the Hotvac for the one job – a Burtram 34 that would not dry.
We popped on the Hotvac and it did exactly what it said it would do – it considerably speeded up the drying time. Fantastic – a quick and effective curing process….. Excellent product, well worth the investment. Customers love it and there’s no going back to the old methods of drying for us. We use the Hotvac each time we get an osmo job."

Denis Orkiszewski, Rosden Glass Fibre, La Colette, Jersey.

"The Hotvac is a real must have tool. It’s definitely attracted more business. We treat about 15 boats a year with it and our customers ask for the service. Hotvac has helped us market our services as customers get confused sometimes as to what osmosis is, and we use Hotvac on every boat we get in. Our customers love it – it gets the job done and speeds up the process."

Dave Worral, Dickies of Bangor, North Wales

"Very pleased - once the mats are on, we are up and running. Hotvac dries the boats as fast as ever, really chuffed with the machine, how did we do the job before it!! We can now give a guarantee with our work unlike before. We charge our customers a little extra for the service compared to conventional drying and they are more than happy to pay the difference because they get a proper job done and their boat is back in the water in no time at all."

Tony Noonan, Noonan Boats, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

"Hotvac gives a much better & professional job in Osmosis treatment. Once we explain the process to our customers they love it! Hotvac has definitely increased our business and has put us in the right direction for the future of treating osmosis. It’s the only way forward compared to conventional drying methods."

Steve Hodges, Bare Marine, Southampton, UK

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